Nest today has added some new views to the Farsight feature of its flagship thermostat product. Rolling out to all thermostats soon, users will soon be able to show the current temperature and a new animated weather screen from across the room:

People love Farsight. But we heard from a lot of customers who wanted it to show the current temperature in big numbers you can see from across the room. So now, it can. And we’ve also added an animated weather screen. (You know, to satisfy meteorology fans.) Just go to Display Settings on your thermostat and choose your view.

In addition to the new views in Farsight, Nest says that it has also improved the device’s Energy History views. They “look more like what you see in the Nest app,” the company says. We’ll update this post with a closer look at the new features once they hit our own thermostats.

Farsight — and thereby today’s new features — is only available on 3rd generation Nest Thermostats running at least version 5.0 of Nest’s software — that device is the only one with the sensors required to sense your presence from far away. The device also has a higher resolution screen to make it easier to read from across the room.

If you have a 3rd gen Nest Thermostat, you should see the new features hit your device sometime in the coming weeks.


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