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We’ve seen the Galaxy Note 7 leaked so many times that one only wonders why Samsung is letting us wait almost a month for the official unveiling of the device. Seemingly everything about it has been disclosed; from its specs to its new features, passing by a series of official-looking renders and even real-life shots.

However, it looks like there could still be more…

As far as we know, after much speculation, there should be one and only one Galaxy Note 7: a dual-edge display version that, however, lacks the “edge” nomenclature, used for its Galaxy S7 siblings. And, to an extent, that would indeed make sense, given that one model alone being pushed to the market ought to be called in the simplest way possible.

After all, streamlining its complex smartphone portfolio is the decision that made Samsung choose the name Note 7 (instead of the more natural Note 6) in the first place. However, new images posted today by Steve Hemmerstoffer (better known for his Twitter handle, @OnLeaks) show us what seems to be a Galaxy Note 7… with a flat panel.

One would immediately think that, again like the S7 and S7 edge, Samsung would likely be taking the more logical path and release the Note 7 duo with the same strategy; and we are almost sure that that may have indeed been the plan at some point. It could still be, mind you. The image, however, shows a phone that looks more like an early prototype than a close-to-production model, which indicates that while legitimate, a flat Note 7 may not see the light of day.

On the other hand, this could instead be a proof that Samsung will indeed offer a variant to the Note 7 we’ve come to know, but perhaps in secondary markets or with different, inferior specs. Given that there’s not much more to wait we will make sure to keep you updated, so keep it locked here.

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