According to analysts in Korea, people are going pretty nuts over the Galaxy Note 7.  After pre-orders opened up last week, reports compiled on August 9th revealed that the device had been preordered 200,000 times in just the first two days, just in South Korea. Considering that the device is set to release in other portions of Asia, Europe, and the US, it’s pretty safe to assume that that number is actually exponentially higher.

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The KoreaHerald further reports that these numbers of double those of the Galaxy S7 from earlier this year. That’s impressive considering Samsung saw increased profits early on this year as a result of the phone’s success, not to mention the fact that the S7 Edge was the world’s most popular smartphone for the first half of the year.

Samsung has previously been reported to be producing 5 million Note 7 units in the first batch, so seeing these early pre-order numbers, that was probably a good call by the company.

As you’ve probably noticed, ad campaigns for the Note 7 are in full force both online and off, so it’s pretty clear that Samsung is investing a lot in this phone’s success, not that it’s a bad thing. If you’ve yet to submit your pre-order here in the US, here’s how.

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