After adding new features over the past several months, it appears that Google is testing yet another new option for Google Now. This new tab, labeled “Dashboard”, will apparently be used to pull information from other Google services such as Keep, Gmail, Google Photos, and others to bring all of that information into one central location.

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This feature is allegedly only undergoing internal testing at Google right now, but following the leaked Nexus Launcher APK last week, it’s already showing up for some users.¬†Android Police cites 3 sources on Google+ where they obtained the screenshots seen below. Seeing that the feature only appears with the Nexus Launcher could mean that it will be associated with Google Assistant which is rumored to possibly be exclusive to Google’s own devices.

So what does this feature do? Well, we don’t really know. Based on the name and tips that¬†Android Police has obtained, Dashboard will gather data from other Google services. For example, it might pull emails from Gmail that it deems important so you don’t miss them. It may also pull to-do list items from Google Keep, or pull information from Google Photo’s Assistant tab. It’s unclear if third-party services will be able to tie into this or when it will debut. From what we’ve heard so far, it seems pretty useful.

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