As per a new Google project over on Github, the company is working on a brand new operating system. The new OS, currently dubbed Fuchsia, would add to Google’s current operating system offerings, namely Android and Chrome OS. This wouldn’t be an upgrade or replacement for either, but rather something completely standalone. Where it differs is in the fact that Fuchsia is not based on Linux — as both Android and Chrome OS are…

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Android Police was among the first to really dig in — and dig up — some of the details regarding Fuchsia. First of all, the new OS uses the new Magenta kernel. That kernel is designed to work with everything from a desktop computer all the way down to the most basic IoT devices. This means that we could theoretically one day see Fuchsia running on laptops, smartphones, wearables, and even smarthome devices.

The primary language used in Fuchsia is Google’s own in-house Dart programming language and the OS also supports Flutter to create its UI. This indicates that Google is unsurprisingly hoping for a Material Design look for Fuchsia.

Google has yet to officially announce this new OS, but two engineers at the company have confirmed a few details. One explained that Google had decided to build Fuchsia open source from the beginning, which is why we can see it publicly. The other engineer said that things will eventually be officially announced and documented, but no time frame was given. For the time being, we can only guess what Google has in store, but it sure is exciting.

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