Slack is one of the best services for communication between co-workers, and it continues to improve. Just this week, Slack has updated its Android app yet again, this time to include improved support for Android tablets.

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In Slack’s 2.17.0 Beta release, the company has improved how the app formats itself on Android tablets, specifically larger ones such as the Nexus 9 (as pictured) and Pixel C. Rather than pushing navigation between teams and channels to a hamburger menu, Slack now displays those right alongside the messages from the channel you are currently in.

This new layout is definitely a big improvement for anyone in a Slack group with multiple active channels, or if you have multiple groups within the app. This is especially useful for those using a tablet as their primary device. It also closely mirrors what we see on iOS for iPad users. To further improve the experience, the app also support the CTRL + K shortcut to quickly access the “Quick Switcher” for going back and forth between channels.

This update is currently rolling out for all Slack Beta users on Android, but will only show on larger Android tablets. Smaller devices such as the Nexus 7 won’t see this, although the exact size where this UI is used is unclear. The full changelog follows:


Slack 2.17.0 Beta Release Notes:
• When adding team members to private channels, you are now prompted to either keep channel history or create a new private channel
• On large tablets the side drawer will now remain open
• On large tablets with bluetooth keyboards, Command (CTRL) + K now brings you to the Quick Switcher
• Fixed an issue where sometimes messages went missing while reconnecting to Slack
Full Beta Release Notes:

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