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Google Assistant got a lot of attention today alongside the announcement of the Pixel and Pixel XL. Most of the discussion had to do with using Assistant to help better people’s lives with AI but there was one final announcement near the end of the event. Google will launch an open developer platform in December that will allow anyone to create new actions for Assitant.

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Lead engineer for Assistant, Scott Huffman, took the stage to announce this new open developer platform. When it launches, developers will be able to create two different types of actions: Direct Actions and Conversation Actions. Direct Actions will allow users to make straightforward and direct commands such as turning something on or off like your television or lights. Conversation Actions act more like a back and forth conversation. With these, users will be able to communicate with Assistant and order something like a Pizza or an Uber. More information about the program will be available in December.

As of today, Google Assistant can be found within Allo, Google’s new messaging application. This is only the first step in the company’s plan to bring AI to the masses. The second phase will come with the arrival of the Pixel phones and Google Home which begins shipping later this year.

Google says that Assistant will only get better over time as more people use it. If you want to know more about Google Assistant, watch the video below for a full explanation.

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