Google has been adding a lot of new features to Google Maps for Android over the past couple months, including speed limit signs and calendar events, but one big addition flew under the radar a bit ─ Traffic Nearby.

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This feature does exactly what you’d think, it shows traffic jams, accidents, or anything else that might delay your ride, in the nearby area. This was added in the latest beta version of Google Maps for Android, and now offers an extra perk, a homescreen shortcut (via Android Police).

Without the shortcut, you need to open Google Maps, look up directions, and tap to see nearby traffic. With the shortcut, however, you can immediately jump into those results. Adding the shortcut is simple, either add it from the widgets picker of your launcher, or add it from the Google Maps app in the traffic nearby section.

To try out this feature for yourself, sign up for the Google Maps beta through the Google Play store.

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