Despite a few shortcomings compared to buying unlocked, customers purchasing the Pixel through Verizon have the benefit of buying the phone in stores ─ starting today (before most Google Store orders have even shipped I might add). Unfortunately, it looks like Verizon won’t have stock of every model of the Pixel.

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According to a Verizon communications employee (via The Verge), Verizon is completely sold out of the 128GB Pixel XL due to online sales demand. That means if you were planning to walk into your local Verizon store today to pick up that variant, you’ll be out of luck.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a half-inch of screen size (and some resolution), the standard Pixel will still be available in its 32GB and 128GB variants both online and in stores.

As for buying the 128GB Pixel XL, it’ll be a tough grab for the next month or two. Verizon won’t be carrying it in stores for an unspecified amount of time, and online the carrier estimates a shipping date of November 18th. The Google Store also reports that the Pixel XL is out of stock, except in every model. There’s not even a shipping estimate right now, just a waitlist ─ yikes.

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