After leaking earlier this month, Samsung has today made a “new” color variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge available ─ Blue Coral.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Sound familiar? That’s because Blue Coral was one of the debut colors for the Galaxy Note 7, racking up mixed reactions across the board. Some love the look, others not so much. However, it seems enough people did actually like the color, so Samsung has brought it back from the Note 7 for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Just like on the Note, Blue Coral on the Edge brings a light blue tone to the front and back of the phone with a rose gold trim around the sides.

Unfortunately, it seems this new color is only going to see a limited release, at least for now. Only Taiwan and Singapore are confirmed to get the device for now, but as we saw in a past leak, the color may be coming to the US, at least by way of Verizon Wireless. It’s unclear if we’ll see this color head to other regions, but we can only hope it will. With Note 7 customers ditching their devices, having the same color variants available across the board for the S7 would probably help with the transition.

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