Google’s new Pixel smartphones are proving to be more popular than most predicted — even Google themselves. As production continues to ramp up and more orders go out the door, Google is trying to get orders delivered on time. However, it seems the company is falling behind a bit…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

According to a few Pixel buyers on Google+ and Reddit, Google is sending emails to some buyers who will have their Pixels delivered behind schedule. In the email, Google explains that the order has been shipped, but obviously, it’s not going to arrive at the time it was originally promised.

To make up for the delay, Google will send a $50 credit shortly after the phone arrives. Granted, one of those users still received his phone within the original delivery window and still got the credit. The full email reads:

Hello there —

Thank you for your recent purchase on Google Store. We’re really excited for you to experience our new products, but we have some not-so-great news: It’s going to take a little longer for you to receive your package than we expected. We know this can be frustrating, but the good news is that we’ve shipped your order and it’s on its way.

You should’ve already received a shipment confirmation email from us. We’re also going to send you a $50 Google Play credit via email soon after your package is delivered.

Again, we’re so sorry — and thank you again for your order.


The Google Store Team

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