While impressive in some areas, Google Assistant on the Pixel is lacking in others. Once present functionality like recognizing songs or verbal podcast controls have yet to make their way into Google’s new interface, but it now appears that screenshot functionality is making a return.

Screen search (previously Now on Tap) on non-Pixel devices continues to feature a system Share button that allows users to take a quick screenshot. This is convenient in that it doesn’t require users to press the more cumbersome physical key combination.

With Google Assistant, the Screen search interface has been changed, with results slightly different and more basic.

Appearing to rollout via a server-side update, there is now a new ‘Share Screenshot’ button next to ‘Send feedback’ and underneath the list of cards. To quickly access the button and avoid waiting for cards to load, users can swipe up to have Google Assistant take up the full screen.

Tapping it features the same animation as before and pulls up the system menu to share the screenshot with any app. Notably, ‘Share Screenshot’ only appears when Assistant has information to read. As such, users cannot take screenshots from the homescreen.

This feature is live for me on the latest beta version (6.10) of the Google app.

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