Google hasn’t put much focus on tablets over the past year, but through everything, the company’s premium Pixel C tablet has persisted. However, recently the company has decided to remove one of the variants available for sale.

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At launch, the Pixel C was available with either 32GB or 64GB of storage for $499 and $599 respectively. Now, though, only the 64GB variant of the Pixel C is available for sale.

It’s unclear exactly when Google made this change, but the starting price on the Google Store is now listed as $599, only for the 64GB variant. Granted, we won’t complain about having more storage, but it’s a little disappointing to see that the base price for Google’s tablet, which many already called overpriced, is now that much more expensive. Even more unfortunate, other outlets are showing a lack of stock as well.

One would hope that this change would signal a refresh of Google’s tablet in the coming months, perhaps alongside the company’s ‘Pixel 2,’┬ábut it’s unclear if that will happen. For now, we’ll just have to stick with the 64GB model…

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