We all love it when things go on sale, and apps are no exception to that. It’s fantastic when you can score an app or game for a fraction of the original cost, but until now, users haven’t been able to see how much they’re saving when they buy something on sale. Now, Google is changing that…

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Developers on Google Play now have the ability to set sale prices and time periods on Google Play, and show that information front and center for those downloading the content. Now, the app’s sale price will show on the “Buy” button, while the original list price will be shown up above that. If applicable, the time period of the sale will also be displayed above the app or game’s ratings and categories.

This is a very welcome new feature, but it doesn’t come without restrictions. Developers will be required to discount an app or game by at least 30%, the sale must last at least one day and no longer than eight days. Further, developers will be required to wait at least 30 days from the end of one sale to start another. Last, sales are only allowed on the purchase of an app, not in-app purchases (for now).

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