Waze and Spotify have announced a partnership to provide integration between the two apps. If you have Spotify in the foreground, Waze alerts and directions will be displayed while driving. Conversely, if you have Waze in the foreground, you’ll be able to pause Spotify music as well as hit previous and next track buttons …


Listening to music in the car just got better. Today, Spotify and Waze team up to bring your favorite artists and music along for the ride – directly into the Waze app – making your commute or next road trip more enjoyable. Available to Android users only, users will be able to get the best directions and playlists in the car, without having to switch screens.

Spotify says that you will also be able to switch seamlessly between the two apps, though for safety reasons you’ll only be able to do this while your car is stationary.

As Engadget notes, the partnership is a slightly surprising one given that Waze is owned by Google, which offers a competing streaming music service. But it’s not the first time Google has partnered with the rival music company – last summer it offered two free months of Spotify Premium for all Chromecast owners.

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