Amid several company-wide changes, Lenovo opted to not release a new Moto X last year. Rumors for that line have been rather sparse, but it now appears that there will be a 2017 model with more mid-range specifications thanks to a new leak.

Four images of an alleged prototype have surfaced on Google+ with notorious leaker hellomotoHK providing confirmation that this device is indeed a new Moto X.

Sharing the Moto G5’s design, there is a curved, full metal body featuring antenna lines at the top and bottom. Interestingly, there is a dual camera setup with the phone featuring a circular hump and flash located at the bottom, just like the Moto Z.

Just below is a distinctive inset for the ‘batwing’ logo found on the original Moto X and in later generations. Up front is a 5.5-inch display with the same oblong fingerprint sensor found on the G5/Plus.

In the specs department, this alleged 2017 Moto X also has interesting hardware. Rather than opting for an 820 or even 835, this phone will use a Snapdragon 625 with only 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Regarded for providing great battery life on the Moto Z Play, this move might signal the X dropping down from its former flagship position.

It makes sense for Lenovo to continue iterating on the Moto Z line, with this leaked device not featuring pins on the rear for MotoMods. After all, the company has signaled a continued commitment to modular smartphones for that high-end line.

It’s unclear when this device will be released given that Motorola just announced new devices at MWC.

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