eBay is the go-to place for buying and selling millions of items online, and according to the company’s estimates, millions of those listings are touched by mobile users, making eBay’s mobile apps a key area of focus. Today, eBay has announced a new update for its mobile applications on Android and iOS that make the selling process even easier.

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In this new update, eBay will add features native to either platform, along with key enhancements to listing a sale, making things easier than ever. These changes include:

  • Enhanced cataloguing capabilities: search for the item you’re selling using eBay’s expansive catalogue of listings, and the listing flow will auto-fill product specifications, including title, stock image, pricing and shipping options, to help your items successfully sell on the marketplace. You can still make adjustments as needed – including adding a description of the item and more photos – before listing the item for sale.
  • More efficient listing flow: the new layout features all the details of your listing in an easy-to-read format on one page to make selling even simpler and faster.

This app update is rolling out to Android users starting today and will be rolling out to iOS soon.

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