Actions on Google was announced last year and meant to expand Home’s capabilities through third-party services. Since then, a number of services have released fun and useful experiences. Google is now adding new tools for developers to build better voice games for Assistant.

There are already a number of games available on Google Home, like Akinator and SongPop, with Assistant featuring several built-in trivia ones.

With many older text adventures now in the public domain or in the process of being open sourced, Google suggests that developers should bring those classics to Google Home. To aid in the effort, they have published a guide on how to make those games more interactive for voice platforms.

The next tool is a new sound effect library to make games more engaging and “help you create a more fun persona for your action.” There are hundreds of options, including  airplanes, slide whistles, and bowling to cats purring and thunder. Other apps will also be able to take advantage of this addition.

Lastly, to help build more complex games, Google’s tools directory now notes which firms have integrated their development solutions with Actions on Google. New consulting firms include Pullstring, Converse.AI, Solstice and XAPP Media.

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