Motorola’s Moto Z was a quiet favorite of ours last year, offering up something that was different from other phones on the market. Now, we’re heading towards Motorola’s next major release, apparently called the “Moto Z2,” because that’s original.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

According to a leaked logo obtained by Evan Blass, the next flagship from Motorola will indeed be called the Moto Z2, complete with the exponent and everything. Details are pretty light on this phone since it is a few months away after all. We know that it will definitely support Moto Mods, as Lenovo is committed to the tech despite the less-than-impressive reception so far.

Further, it’s very likely that the phone will support gigabit speeds, thus running on top of the Snapdragon 835 chipset which is also found in the Galaxy S8 family. The company teased this back at MWC, with Sprint also mentioning it in a press release.

Going back to the name, I would have personally preferred that Motorola/Lenovo had gone with a year-based name, but what’s done is done. Odds are we’ll hear more about the “Moto Z2” in the next several weeks ahead of an official launch later this year.

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