Back in January, Twitter announced that Moments on mobile would be combined into a new ‘Explore’ section that encompasses popular stories, search, and more. That combined tab is finally showing up on Android for some users.

Explore combines trends, Moments, search, and live video on one page, with Twitter noting that it’s part of the company’s “continued efforts to make it easier to see what’s happening” and that “Nothing is going away – we’re just making it easier to find what you want.”

In this new design, the second tab in Twitter for Android swaps the lightning bolt icon for a magnifying glass. Explore features a prominent search bar next to your profile icon in the app bar, while Moments receives a slight design tweak.

The top Moment is still shown with a larger header image, but immediately underneath is trends, which were previously found on the dedicated search page. Below that is the full list of Moments found in the older design.

As a result of this redesign, the search icon has been removed from the top right corner. This change might be annoying for those who were used to the old search icon’s location and typical Android conventions, but overall combining the similar features makes sense.

Other parts of the app remain unchanged, with A/B tested features like automatic night mode still not yet enabled for most users.

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