Google today updated its virtual reality painting experience Tilt Brush with a host of new features. The update includes new options during the painting process, as well as a new social feature for more easily sharing work…

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Headlining today’s update is support for a new social platform. The new platform allows users to upload their sketches straight from Tilt Brush without the need for any tether services. Once you’ve uploaded your piece, anyone can use their device move around it in 3D, “like” it, and “remix” it themselves. To support these features, the pieces are shared with a remixable CC-BY license by default, including attribution for the original artist.

In addition to the new social features, today’s Tilt Brush update also brings more customizable features. With these features, users can manually set the color, intensity, and position of a key, secondary, and fill light. There are also new environment settings that allow users to customize a scene’s sky and fog settings.

Finally, the update brings a more customizable workspace. As UploadVR explains:

With so many panels at our disposal now, it’s hard to create one system for everyone. So any of the panels that were stuck to the menu hand can float by themselves now.

It’s also possible to re-arrange the panels that are still stuck to the menu hand, and new ones can be added to the mix.

The full changelog for today’s Tilt Brush update can be found here. Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments.

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