Tilt Brush Stories January 26, 2021

In the early days of VR, Tilt Brush was widely regarded as a premier application that helped sell the platform’s immersiveness. Google acquired the painting app in 2015 amid their big, multi-pronged push into the space. Tilt Brush is no longer being actively developed, and Google announced today that it’s now open sourced.

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Tilt Brush Stories April 1, 2020

Humble Bundle offers Google’s VR Tilt Brush and tons of games you’ve actually heard of for $30

Like it or not, the best thing we can all do as a society is stay at home for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, here in the 21st century, there’s limitless ways to keep entertained from the comfort of your own home, like video games. To help you stave off boredom and donate to fighting the coronavirus, the latest Humble Bundle offers over 40 fantastic PC games, including Google’s own VR art game Tilt Brush, for just $30.

Tilt Brush Stories April 17, 2019

Google’s VR painting app Tilt Brush has been around for a while, and today the company is confirming support for a new platform. Later this spring, Tilt Brush will arrive on the all-in-one Oculus Quest.

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Tilt Brush Stories October 29, 2018

Google drawing your Halloween costumes in virtual reality with Tilt Brush

Google-acquired Tilt Brush is of the coolest contest creation tools for virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. For Halloween, Google is showcasing it by offering to draw various costumes in 3D.

Tilt Brush Stories June 26, 2018

Google’s Tilt Brush version 16 includes new brushes, beginner mode, more

Since launching over two years ago, Google’s Tilt Brush has received numerous updates to make the tool more feature-rich and easier to use. With version 16, Tilt brush is getting seven new features that will make the VR art app more useful for both new and experienced users.

Tilt Brush Stories June 21, 2017

While Cannes is more well-known for its film festival, there is also a subsequent event focused on advertising and communications. At the 2017 Cannes Lions, the invasive and quickly shut down Burger King clip that hijacked “Ok, Google” won a top ad award, while Tilt Brush and Google Earth VR also grabbed honors.

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Tilt Brush Stories April 27, 2017

Google today updated its virtual reality painting experience Tilt Brush with a host of new features. The update includes new options during the painting process, as well as a new social feature for more easily sharing work…

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Tilt Brush Stories February 21, 2017


In addition to mobile and desktop software, Google also creates software for dedicated virtual reality platforms. Launched last year, Tilt Brush and Google Earth are impressive VR experiences for the HTC Vive. Nearly a year later, the former app is now available for the competing Oculus Rift.

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Tilt Brush Stories September 30, 2016


I tried the HTC Vive for the first time last year, and one of the most memorable parts of that first dive into VR was Google’s Tilt Brush. Basically, it’s a VR version of “paint” that lets you doodle in 3D space and create insanely cool virtual worlds of pretty much anything you can imagine. It’s magical.

Now it appears that Google is set to make the experience even better, allowing multiple Tilt Brush players to create together in real time…

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