Google Home is pretty good at hearing what you say, but sometimes, especially when using “Hey Google,” it doesn’t hear you. If your Home isn’t in a place where you can see the LEDs, you won’t have any clue that the device didn’t hear you. Thankfully, there’s a way to fix that.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

In Google Home’s settings, you can enable an accessibility feature which allows your Google Home unit to emit a sound anytime the device hears you, as well as after it registers a command and pushes the information. For me personally, this is something I’ve been missing since switching from the Amazon Echo.

Apparently, this option has been available since Google released Home, but it’s buried pretty deep in the settings.

How to enable audible feedback for Google Home commands:

  1. Open the Google Home app on Android or iOS
  2. Tap the “Devices” option at the top of the app
  3. Scroll and find your Google Home
  4. Select the overflow option and access Settings
  5. Scroll to Accessibility
  6. Toggle sounds for Start of Request and End of Request based on your personal preferences

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