As great as summer is for having cookouts with friends and swimming, it’s also one of the worst times of year for people that suffer with seasonal allergies. Thanks to a new update to the Google app, you can now keep tabs on the pollen count in your area to see when you’re most likely to be all sorts of stuffed up and congested (Yay!)…

When searching for a term like “pollen forecast” on your phone, you’ll now see a new card that shows how heavy the pollen is in your current area. This data is sourced from The Weather Channel, and in addition to seeing the current pollen count, you’ll also be able to see how heavy or light pollen will be in your area for the next five days.

Additionally, seeing this card for the first time will allow you to turn on updates for pollen changes that will be visible in your Google Feed.

Google frequently releases minor features like this to the Google app, and while they might not be huge on their own, they do add a whole lot to the search service when you add all of them together.

Tracking pollen counts may not be as fun as roasting hot dogs or going jet-skiing, but for those of us that suffer from seasonal allergies, this is a very welcome addition.

Adios surprising sniffles!

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