So you just got your brand new Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung, but you’re finding that 64GB of built-in storage is just not enough. Thankfully, Samsung still allows you to expand the amount of storage with a microSD card. Follow along for how to properly install a microSD card into your Galaxy Note 8.

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How to insert a microSD card

  1. Locate the SIM and microSD card tray on the top edge of the handset. It will be on the left half of the frame alongside a small hole used to eject the tray
  2. Remove the SIM card removal tool found in the Note 8’s box alongside the device’s paperwork
  3. Insert the removal tool into the SIM/microSD card tray’s ejector hole and press down firmly
  4. The tray should pop out easily. Pull it completely out of the Note 8
  5. Your SIM card should be placed in the smaller of the two slots with the metallic side pointing to the back of the handset
  6. Put your microSD card in the remaining section. It will only fit when oriented with the printed side facing you, and the metallic side pointed towards the back of the handset
  7. Carefully reinsert the entire tray back into the Note 8. After several seconds, the handset will recognize the additional memory and allow you to move content over to it


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