Audio performance is a bit of a mixed bag on the Pixel 2. We now have front-facing speakers, but there’s no headphone jack. Quietly, though, Google also brought along another small audio feature. In short, Pixel 2 owners will have much more precise control over volume levels compared to just about every other Android phone.

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Android typically offers 15 steps of volume control for media, 7 for notifications, and 6 for actual phone calls. As spotted by XDA, though, the Pixel 2 takes that up a notch to 25 steps.

Looking through the build.prop file on the Pixel 2 confirms this change, and it’s certainly a welcome one. While 15 steps keeps things quick and easy, it often leaves you wanting more with audio sometimes ending up being a bit too loud or too quiet.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an adjustment of the default setting, though. LG’s V30 and V20, when using the Hi-Fi DAC, feature 75 steps of volume control as one example. XDA also says that the OnePlus 5 has 30 steps of volume control as well.


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