YouTube has been a topic of controversy for the past several months, with a lot of trouble surrounding some of its biggest names. Now, the head of YouTube, Robert Kyncl, has answered a bunch of burning questions surrounding the platform with vlogger Casey Neistat.

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In case you’ve been out of the loop with what’s been going on with YouTube, it’s been quite a ride. Last year, YouTube’s algorithms were constantly taking out monetization on creators left and right, seriously hurting their revenue. Further, advertisers were pulling out of the platform due to harmful content their ads were being associated with.

It all came to a peak earlier this year when one of YouTube’s biggest voices, Logan Paul, posted an extremely controversial video which caused a lot of outcry within the community. That continued last week when Paul’s continued actions ended up with YouTube demonetizing his channel entirely, and triggered responses from YouTube to prevent similar actions.

To help YouTube speak out a bit regarding all of these questions that has surrounded these problems, well-known vlogger Casey Neistat sat down with Robert Kyncl, the head of YouTube (chief business officer), to get some answers right from the top.

The near 20-minute interview goes through many of the problems that have plagued YouTube, as well as what Kyncl wants to see in the future on the platform. Personally, I was glad to get a bit more information regarding YouTube’s reasoning for the new monetization guidelines.

If you’re curious about what’s been happening on YouTube’s end, it’s definitely worth a watch…

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