We’re likely just a matter of weeks away from the debut of the OnePlus 6, and in traditional OnePlus fashion, the company has been hyping up the launch of its next phone on social media. Today, a fresh teaser hinted at the arrival of a long-awaited feature on the OnePlus 6 – water resistance.

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OnePlus delivers a lot on its various smartphones, but one thing it has never included is water resistance. For some, that’s been a deal-breaker and for others, a minor inconvenience. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, I don’t think anyone will argue that having some level of resistance against the elements is a bad thing.

If the latest OnePlus 6 teaser is to be taken correctly, it certainly seems like water resistance is finally going to be arriving on the OnePlus 6. The company mentions in the accompanying tweet about how it “hates” having to stop using a smartphone when it rains, and shows a brief video of water falling onto what certainly looks like a glass surface.

It’s pretty obvious that we’re talking about water resistance here, but it’s unclear what level OnePlus will deliver. Many phones stick to IP67, while Samsung takes the extra step with IP68. Hopefully, OnePlus at least lands at one of these. After all, its customers have been waiting ages for this one…

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