OnePlus 6 Stories Today

OnePlus made an open beta program available for Android 9 Pie on the OnePlus 6 just a few weeks ago, and now that phone is the latest to offer a public rollout of Android Pie…

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OnePlus 6 Stories September 15

OnePlus 6 picks up latest Android 9 Pie open beta w/ Google Assistant shortcut, stability fixes

Android 9 Pie has been available in open beta for the OnePlus 6 for the past couple of weeks, but this weekend the third build of that open beta is arriving with some new goodies in tow…

OnePlus 6 Stories September 10

OnePlus 6 gets second Android 9 Pie open beta w/ improved multi-tasking, more

OnePlus has been working on Android 9 Pie for its current flagship, the OnePlus 6, for quite some time. Last week, the first open beta update became available to all OnePlus 6 owners and now, OnePlus has released a second update with some various improvements.

OnePlus 6 Stories September 6

OnePlus 6 users can now get a piece of Android Pie thanks to the first open beta — which is available to all users simply by downloading the beta installation files. But first, let’s take a look at the host of new features, tweaks and updates this beta brings to users of the “flagship killer” phone…

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OnePlus 6 Stories September 3

How to turn on Google’s gesture navigation in Android 9 Pie on OnePlus 6

OnePlus has had gesture navigation for quite some time, but in Android 9 Pie, Google introduced its own option as a native part of the interface. If you’re using a OnePlus 6 on Android 9 Pie, here’s how to turn on Google’s gesture navigation system.

How to install the Android 9 Pie open beta on your OnePlus 6

After taking part in Google’s beta program earlier this year, OnePlus has just launched its first open beta release of Android 9 Pie for the OnePlus 6. If you’ve got the phone, here’s how to install Android 9 Pie on your OnePlus 6…

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