OnePlus 6 Stories Yesterday

The OnePlus 6 went official just a few days ago and today, sales have officially opened for the company’s latest flagship.

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OnePlus 6 Stories May 21

Wireless charging has been around for a long time, but thanks to Apple finally adding it to its latest crop of iPhones and Samsung fully embracing it with its past few flagships, the technology has pretty much become mainstream at this point. However, with its latest flagship, the OnePlus 6, the company still hasn’t adopted it…

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Ready to try the Pixelbook?

Fast charging has become incredibly popular over the past couple of years, and OnePlus has been on the forefront of that with its special “Dash Charge” system. The proprietary charging option has been around since the debut of the OnePlus 3, but if you were tuned in to the OnePlus 6 reveal last week, you might have noticed that the company didn’t once mention Dash Charging. Apparently, there’s a reason for that…

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Since its inception, OnePlus has always marketed itself as the “flagship killer.” Basically, this meant that it would create smartphones that rivaled the flagship devices from Samsung, LG, and other as far as performance but at a lower price. While the company has done it again with the OnePlus 6, the continuing trend of increasing prices and premium features among “true” flagships of the world has left the Chinese company doing the same to keep up. expand full story

How to apply a dark or light theme to the OnePlus 6

Unlike many other Android manufacturers, OnePlus builds different system-wide theme options right in the device’s settings menu. Without digging too deep into the OnePlus 6’s theming options, here’s how to apply a basic dark or light theme as well as adjust its accent color.

OnePlus 6 Stories May 20

How to use the alert slider on the OnePlus 6

With the OnePlus 6, the Chinese company has moved the physical alert slider to the right side of the handset, right above the volume button. Here’s how to use it.

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