OnePlus 6 Stories Yesterday

A brand new update for the Oxygen OS beta program is rolling out. The OnePlus 6 Open beta 7 adds tons of new features for an incremental update including UI improvements, telephony extras and two major inclusions: OnePlus Roaming and Video Enhancer.

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OnePlus 6 Stories November 19

OnePlus 6 gets a $100 price cut for Black Friday, from $429 starting tomorrow

Despite the OnePlus 6T being the latest and greatest, the OnePlus 6 which launched earlier this year is still a pretty stellar smartphone. Now, for OnePlus Black Friday sales, the company is giving buyers a $100 discount to the already affordable device.

OnePlus 6 Stories November 7

OnePlus Switch application now supports iPhone data transfer

The OnePlus Switch application makes the often frustrating process of swapping or upgrading your phone a bit more simplified. But until now, those switching from iPhone to a OnePlus device couldn’t switch as conveniently. Now, a new update today changes that. iPhone users can now download the OnePlus Switch on their phone and use it to transfer contacts, photos, videos and even messages.

OnePlus 6 Stories November 2

We recently gave you a taste of what to expect from the newest night mode on the market in the form of OnePlus’ Nightscape, but how does it stack up against one of the other best night shooters that aren’t from Google?

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

OnePlus 6 Stories November 1

The OnePlus 6 is already capable of using the company’s new Nightscape mode thanks to Android Pie beta 6. Naturally, that meant I had to head out into the darkened streets to see if it actually makes any difference to the night-photography capabilities of the device.

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OnePlus 6 Stories October 31

We reported that the OnePlus 6 has already seen a multitude of add-ons that will also be found on the recently announced OnePlus 6T, music to the ears of OnePlus 6 owners. Nightscape, OnePlus’ version of Google’s Night Sight, is the most notable addition. We’ll have an in-depth test of Nightscape coming to our readers shortly.  expand full story

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