My favorite feature of Google Home is the ability to cast media to my TV using just my voice. The feature launched with support for Netflix and YouTube, and has grown a fair bit since launch. Now, it appears Google Play Movies is finally adding the functionality…

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To quickly recap this feature, users can ask Google Home or the Assistant on a smartphone to play a specific piece of media from a specific service on the Chromecast device of their choice. Currently, the feature supports a handful of services, most notably Netflix, and is supposed to have many more on the way.

Oddly, Google has been quiet about when Google Play Movies would pick up support, but it appears that is finally incoming. Android Police received a tip this week from a user who seems to have this integration live.

As you can see in the video below, the user, named Trent, can simply ask Google Home to play a movie on Play Movies on his TV, and it does so accordingly. Currently, this seems to be a very limited rollout, and no other users have been able to confirm the functionality. It hasn’t been spotted in the Home app either.

Clearly, Google is preparing for this functionality to launch soon, so stay tuned. Of course, if the functionality is live for you, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know.

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