Losing your phone is a nightmare, but luckily there are tools available for recovering it. On Android, Google has offered “Find my Device” for that exact purpose. Now, that app is being updated with a handy new addition.

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In version 2.2 of Find my Device, Google’s biggest change is the addition of showing your device’s IMEI number remotely. That’s a pretty useful addition as, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can simply refer to this app for your IMEI rather than digging up the original packaging.

Accessing this info is really easy as well. As long as you’ve updated to the latest version, just head to your device, press the “i” info button, and you’ll be presented with a quick bit of information (via Android Police). That includes the IMEI, “first registered” and “last seen” dates, as well as the model number.

Find my Device v2.2 is rolling out now on Google Play.

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