Find My Device Stories February 16

Find My Device updated with a shadowless icon and other small tweaks 

The Find My Device app on Android rarely gets updates, but it now has a new icon that better follows Google’s modern design language.

Find My Device Stories August 12, 2021

Google is preparing to upgrade its “Find My Device” system to use other Androids to anonymously find your lost phone, as well as gain the ability to protect data on a lost vehicle.

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Find My Device Stories June 18, 2021

Android 12 this fall will introduce support for digital car keys. With our phones growing ever more capable, losing them will become a greater and greater inconvenience. As such, the Find My Device process will incorporate deleting and suspending car keys if you misplace your phone.

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The latest beta version of Play services rolled out last evening to reveal that Google is working on a “Find My Device network” capability named “Spot” that leverages your Android phone to locate other devices. 

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Find My Device Stories August 17, 2020

Google’s second-generation Assistant headphones this month are expected to go on sale in more colors and pick up a software update. The company has yet to fully detail the contents of the new firmware version, but the Pixel Buds are now appearing in the Find My Device app.

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Find My Device Stories June 13, 2020

The 2nd-generation Pixel Buds are one of the first Google Assistant headphones to support the latest Fast Pair features. Find My Device integration is not yet available, but the latest update to the Android app provides more details on how you’ll locate Pixel Buds and other Bluetooth accessories.

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Find My Device Stories May 25, 2018

Google’s ‘Find My Device’ tool updated w/ IMEI information for reporting lost/stolen phones

Losing your phone is a nightmare, but luckily there are tools available for recovering it. On Android, Google has offered “Find my Device” for that exact purpose. Now, that app is being updated with a handy new addition.

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