It has been no secret that Android tablets have never been much of a success with manufacturers seeing minimal sales and a lack of apps designed for the larger screens. Even Google appears to now acknowledge this fact, as it has removed the tablet section from the official Android website.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

First noticed by AndroidPolice, when you head to, the header now only lists phones, wear, TV, auto, and enterprise. Just 24 hours ago, as seen through a web archive, it used to also list tablets.

This change also wholly removed the tablet landing page. If you try visiting, you will be taken back to the main Android website. With this change, it’s unclear if OEMs that still make Android tablets will continue doing so.

But don’t worry if you’re someone who likes the larger screen size typically found on tablets. Google has been hard at work making Android apps work on Chrome OS. What’s better, is that Chrome OS now works in the tablet form factor, just like the Acer Chromebook Tab 10.

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