We first told you in an APK Insight story last month that Google was preparing a new color-based Assistant voice picker, and now Google says it’s rolling out to everyone.

The new UI replaces the previous vertical numbered list with a horizontal bubble selector of sorts that associates each of the eight voice types with a specific color. It should be a bit easier now to pick between them and remember which are your favorites.

Abner and I speculated last month on an episode of Alphabet Scoop that perhaps the colors had something to do with the timbre or style of the voice, but Google confirms to us today that they are selected completely at random. Boring!

A few more details: It’s only available for en-US users, and your current voice selection will automatically be associated with a color. Also, the rollout of this new UX is beginning today and will continue throughout this week, so you might not be seeing it, but you should soon.

How to change the Google Assistant voice

Check out the below gif to see the new UX, and be sure to follow our APK Insight series here as always if you want to hear about these features a month or two in advance.

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