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The latest version of Google Duo is rolling out this morning with confirmation of two features that we’ve been tracking for several weeks. Google decided to skip version 35 for whatever reason and instead jumped straight to version 36. First up is the ability to sign into and use Duo on multiple devices, which goes hand-in-hand with tablet support for the video chatting service currently limited to phones.

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APK Insight Stories June 22

Following yesterday’s launch of Continued Conversation for Google Home, the latest beta of the Google app is rolling out this afternoon. Version 8.9 reveals that Cast support is coming to Google Podcasts, while users might soon have the ability to demo Actions on other devices.

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APK Insight Stories June 21

Since I/O 2018, Google Photos has gained a number of features like AI-powered smart suggestions and the ability to favorite images. The latest version of the Android client is rolling out today and details Google One integration, reclaiming storage by reducing image quality, and more.

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APK Insight Stories June 19

Following old Hangouts SMS messages now syncing over and the ability to record voicemail greetings when mobile, Google Voice is gaining a list of connected devices on Android. Meanwhile, a teardown reveals that the app is prepping support for entering an address for emergency services and the location of incoming calls.

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APK Insight Stories June 15

The latest Google app beta is rolling out this afternoon and reveals a number of new in-development features. Assistant is planning a color-based naming scheme for Assistant voices, while the Google app is working on support for wireless charging in the At a Glance widget.

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APK Insight Stories June 14

Announced in May, the revamped YouTube Music is not yet widely available. Rolling out through an early access program, we’ve so far found it to be a rather promising offering. Meanwhile, the latest version of the Android app is rolling out today and it hints at sort of smart remote.

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