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APK Insight Stories February 19

The first Android 11 Developer Preview arrived for our Pixels today, bringing a variety of updates, and preparing for things to come in the later betas. In an example of the latter, the Google Pixel Launcher has been updated with references to a smart hotseat of app shortcuts and a back gesture tutorial.

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APK Insight Stories February 13

Last April, Google killed Inbox with the promise that popular features would be migrated to Gmail. Nearly a year later, that has yet to occur, but the latest version (2020.02.02) of Gmail for Android today reveals that work is underway.

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One of the features many will likely miss when switching from iMessage to RCS is message reactions. The latest Google Messages beta, version 5.7 “Unicorn,” appears to be adding emote reactions for messages, as well as the ability to draw on images.

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APK Insight Stories February 10

Google Photos is working on an Android redesign that removes the navigation drawer to center controls around the bottom bar. With version 4.38 today, we have our first look at the new Search tab.

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APK Insight Stories February 3

The latest beta version of the Google app rolled out this evening with continued development on a handful of features that we’ve been tracking. Google app 10.95 provides our first look at Hey Google sensitivity and a unified Assistant settings list. There are also tweaks to the dark theme.

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APK Insight Stories January 29

Late last year, we enabled the early stages of a Google Podcasts revamp that includes a bottom bar and built-in queue. A month later with Google app 10.94, it’s been iterated on further with more functionality revealing just what is different.

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