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APK Insight Stories Yesterday

Google app 11.3 is rolling out to the beta channel this afternoon and reveals work on two upcoming capabilities. Google Lens looks to be getting offline visual translations, while Assistant is getting some sort of photo suggestions feature.

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APK Insight Stories March 18

The Google Stadia app updated on Android and iOS this week, and while things don’t look any different on the surface, we’ve found that Google is prepping to bring wireless Stadia Controller support to Android, along with a mention of “Pro-only games.”

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APK Insight Stories March 12

While the Google Pixel 4 has had its share of successes and failures, it seemed very disappointing for a phone that prides itself on its camera to not offer recording videos in 4k at 60 frames per second. Thankfully, according to a leaked version of the Camera app, Google is getting ready to bring 4K 60fps recording to Pixel phones, as well the possibility of a telephoto lens on the midrange Pixel 4a.

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Google’s streaming service in recent weeks has seen big additions from the long-awaited cloud library to a redesigned Now Playing screen. YouTube Music 3.57 today reveals work on collaborative playlists, as well as “Tap to play.”

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APK Insight Stories March 10

Over the past several betas, the Google app has been working on a revamp of Assistant settings. This much-needed redesign comes amid a growing list of features and third-party integrations. Our latest look at the preferences reveals something quite similar to Android’s system settings.

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APK Insight Stories March 5

Google has recently begun making progress toward bringing reactions to RCS, or at least their version of RCS in the Google Messages app. In the latest salvo in the petty war of blue bubble vs green bubble, Google Messages is getting ready to send some very iMessage-like reaction text messages, such as “Liked a photo.”

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