Appliance maker Electrolux announced today that it’s bringing Google Assistant integration to its line of connected kitchen products in the EU starting with its smart ovens early next year.

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“We are very happy to collaborate with Google to give people a simple, rewarding way of interacting with their connected Electrolux appliances,” says Dan Arler, Head of Major Appliances EMEA at Electrolux. “Voice control supports a clear user need. Whether it’s hands-free cooking or just an easier way to interact with the oven, we think consumers will love it.”

As for what exactly you’ll be able to do with your smart ovens and Google Assistant, the company noted that users will be able to turn the appliances on and off, select cooking programs, and adjust the temperature remotely.

The announcement today is a continuation of a partnership between Electrolux and Google that saw the appliance maker integrate Google Assistant on its line of Frigidaire and Anova brand products in the US last year.

Ahead the launch of Google Assistant for smart ovens in the EU sometime in early 2019, the company will be showing off the products and Google voice integration features during IFA in Berlin next month.

Yesterday we reported that Google is preparing a settings redesign for Google Assistant and in the process revealed new “Household”, “Family Mode”, and “Downtime” features possibly coming to the platform.

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