Disney, and its various properties, are getting ready to enter the online streaming market in the coming years. With a number of properties — notably Star Wars, Marvel, and sports — and platforms already available today, the media juggernaut announced a strategic partnership with Google around advertising.

The global strategic relationship sees The Walt Disney Company “bring its entire global digital video and display business onto the Google Ad Manager.” This includes properties like Disney, ABC, ESPN, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars on mediums like live streaming and other direct-to-consumer content offerings.

Disney will be able to serve video ads effortlessly on the web, in mobile apps, streaming through connected TVs and for live events.

The Google Ad Manager will serve as Disney’s “core ad technology platform.” Just this year Google simplified and merged its various services into three key products, including Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform. The Ad Manager helps monetization in the multi-device era.

Ad Manager gives you a single platform for delivering, measuring and optimizing ads wherever your audience is engaging—including connected TVs, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), mobile games and other apps, and platforms like YouTube and Apple News.

Combining DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, it forms a “unified programmatic platform.” For massive companies like Disney, it helps to be able to manage advertising across disparate platforms on one console.

People also expect the same content they love in the living room on every screen, which can be the difference between a loyal fanbase and a lost audience. Advertisers want to deliver quality ad experiences that are relevant, seamless and measurable across screens, inspiring media companies to reimagine the commercial break.

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