Google Ads Stories January 7

Google Shopping adding product pages as Google Manufacturer Center gains more analytics

The Google Manufacturer Center allows merchants that use Google Ads to “improve their presence” on Search and Google Shopping. For 2019, the tool is adding a new Shopping section that allows third-parties to include full product pages in listings, as well as more analytics.

Google Ads Stories November 27, 2018

Google and Disney sign global strategic advertising relationship

Disney, and its various properties, are getting ready to enter the online streaming market in the coming years. With a number of properties — notably Star Wars, Marvel, and sports — and platforms already available today, the media juggernaut announced a strategic partnership with Google around advertising.

Google Ads Stories October 1, 2018

Google loses head of advertising & commerce, appoints G Suite boss as replacement

With Pixel, G Suite, and Cloud, Google over the past several years has sought to diversify its revenue streams. However, advertising still makes up a dominant chunk of profit, and today its head of Ads & Commerce left the company for a venture capital firm.

Last year, YouTube began displaying concert showtimes underneath music videos on the web and mobile. The Google video site is now expanding that ad extensions space to include movie showtimes, app installations, and more.

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Google Ads Stories July 26, 2018

Despite the company itself looking into developing its blockchain, Google’s ads department announced earlier this year that it would be banning all cryptocurrency-related ads in an effort to combat malicious actors in the space.

Now, many reports are surfacing suggesting Google has backtracked on this policy. Unfortunately for companies in the crypto space, however, they aren’t true.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Ads Stories July 10, 2018

Google unveiled a big revamp for all its advertising products last month that simplified branding and introduced new features. Numerous services will be consolidated and better integrated with one another. Today, at Google Marketing Live, the company is better detailing these changes that leverage machine learning.

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