Google Ads Stories November 3

At I/O 2022 in May, Google announced “My Ad Center” to let you control advertising by topic and brand. It’s now starting to roll out with a rather bold approach that might get people to interact with advertising more by letting them customize it directly. Once live in the coming weeks, My Ad Center will offer an app-like (think: topics and interests in Google News or Discover) level of customization.

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Google Ads Stories October 17

YouTube expands 30-second audio ads, said to be 2nd most popular podcast listening destination

At Advertising Week New York, YouTube made a series of announcements on new marketing tools available on the platform. Most notably, YouTube continues its embrace of podcasts with 30-second audio ads.

Google Ads Stories August 22

Google releases ‘Online Insights Study’ app on the Play Store

Google’s newest Android app on the Play Store is called “Online Insights Study” to allow “registered users to participate in market research.” 

Google Ads Stories May 11

Google wants to give you more control over the advertising that appears in Search, the Discover feed, and YouTube with its upcoming “My Ad Center.”

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Google Ads Stories April 28

Back in December of 2020, YouTube started letting users restrict alcohol and gambling advertising. These ad limits are now being expanded to Google’s broader Display network and cover more sensitive categories.

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Google Ads Stories March 11

Noting how more people are buying cars online, Google is introducing a vehicle ads format in Search that shows what’s available for purchase nearby.

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Google Ads Stories October 7, 2021

Earlier this week, Google announced a series of features across several products aimed at letting you make more sustainable choices. The company is now following that by prohibiting ads or monetization of content that denies climate change. 

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Google Ads Stories September 22, 2021

Google’s ‘About this ad’ page will soon list what else advertisers have posted in the past month

Last year, Google introduced an updated “About this ad” feature to let you learn more about specific advertising. This page is now gaining a history feature that shows you what an advertiser has run on Google’s platforms in the past 30 days.

Google Ads Stories June 21, 2021

Google today announced “Ads Creative Studio” as a “unified home for creative tools” that span across video, display, and audio advertising. The goal is to simplify the ad creation process with more collaboration features.

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The Google-created International Small Business Week is now in its second year, and various teams from across the company are launching new features to celebrate. This includes a Pixel-specific Google Pay promo when shopping at small businesses, faster YouTube ad campaign creation, and three free months of Pointy from Google.

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Google Ads Stories May 4, 2021

YouTube this morning hosted its 2021 Brandcast Delivered for advertisers. It’s an annual opportunity for the Google company to share its upcoming Originals content lineup and new ad offerings in a star-studded manner.

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Google Ads Stories April 20, 2021

Google wants to make US health insurance ads more trustworthy with new certification program

Building on existing ad policies, Google today announced a new certification program for health insurance advertisers in the United States.

YouTube Select expands for advertisers with seasonal sponsorship opportunities

YouTube Select allows brands to place advertising on the site’s top videos and channels. Google is now expanding what YouTube Select offers with seasonal sponsorships that will be available quarterly.

Google Ads Stories March 12, 2021

Google Discover gets auto-advancing slideshow ad format

Alongside web articles, YouTube videos, and Web Stories, advertising frequently appears in the Google feed available to the left of most Android homescreens. Google Discover is now getting a new ads slideshow format that automatically moves you to the next image.

Google Ads Stories January 27, 2021

With iOS 14, Apple is requiring app developers to tell users about and have them opt-in to tracking. Google announced today that its first-party iOS apps will stop using certain tracking methods to avoid having to show the upcoming permission prompt. Meanwhile, the company also provided guidance to developers and advertisers ahead of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency initiative.

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Google Ads Stories January 25, 2021

Back in 2019, Google announced an initiative to build a more private web through open standards. The most ambitious aspect of the Privacy Sandbox is phasing out support for third-party cookies, with the Google Chrome team providing a road map for 2021 today.

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Google Ads Stories December 17, 2020

In October, the Justice Department alleged that Google paying device makers and browser vendors to make Search the default was monopolistic. States are now filing and preparing their own antitrust lawsuits focused on Google’s ad business and Search ranking.

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Google Ads Stories December 10, 2020

Google’s advertising controls today range from seeing why something was served to turning off personalization entirely. Moving forward, the company will let you limit ads that are sensitive in nature, with YouTube being the first to get this option.

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Google Ads Stories November 13, 2020

Google Ads, DV360 picking up tweaked ‘About this ad’ info panel

Back in July, Google announced some updates and upcoming features for the “Why this ad” panel. Its tweaked replacement, “About this ad,” is now launching and rolling out on Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

Google Ads Stories July 31, 2020

Google ads have long featured a “Why this ad” feature that explains some of the reasons a particular piece of advertising content was served to a user. Over the coming months, the functionality is seeing several tweaks and will soon be called “About this ad,” while Google today unveiled an Ads Transparency Spotlight extension for Chrome.

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Google Ads Stories June 18, 2020

YouTube testing product storefronts underneath shopping ads

Online shopping is booming in light of prolonged retail closures and Google’s video site is working to make videos “more shoppable.” YouTube is now testing a list of products underneath a playing shopping ad.

Google Ads Stories June 17, 2020

Every summer, Google Marketing Live is a conference announcing the company’s latest advertising products. Google is now making these announcements over the next several weeks, and starting with new features for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), like square-shaped Promoted pins in Google Maps.

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Google Ads Stories May 27, 2020

Last May, Google officially announced that ads were coming to Discover. As part of that, the company previewed new Google Discovery ads for the Android and iOS feed, as well as Gmail and YouTube. They are now generally available around the world.

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Google Ads Stories May 19, 2020

Google Preferred lets advertisers pay to have their ads appear in front of YouTube’s top videos and channels. The program is now being updated and replaced with “YouTube Select.”

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Google Ads Stories April 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating many existing problems in society, especially those dealing with cybersecurity. Google today talked about efforts to combat COVID-19 ad fraud, and recapped its work last year.

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Google Ads Stories April 23, 2020

In 2018, Google required political groups running election ads to confirm and disclose their identity. That verification policy is soon coming to all Google ads with users eventually being able to learn about advertisers right in Search.

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Google Ads Stories March 13, 2020

Google has now officially updated the Google Ads app with its own dedicated dark mode, giving it parity with the growing array of darkened Android and iOS apps.

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Google Ads Stories November 20, 2019

Ahead of next month’s General Election in the UK and US presidential race next year, Google is changing its policy for political ad targeting. It follows Twitter banning similar ads, and criticism of Facebook for not doing the same.

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Google Ads Stories August 28, 2019

Google simplifies publisher policies across AdSense, AdMob, and Ad Manager

Google maintains a sprawling advertising network and has already made moves in the past to consolidate products. The latest improvement is aimed at simplifying the publisher experience in AdSense, AdMob, and Ad Manager by better explaining where advertising can appear.

Google Ads Stories June 18, 2019

Following I/O 2019, Google Search gained its first AR objects with 3D animals. Google ads on the web can now feature interactive 3D objects, while YouTube AR lipstick ads are another way the company is making advertising more appealing and useful.

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Google Ads Stories May 30, 2019

Ads continue to be Google’s key revenue driver, with the company today more widely announcing “important changes” for AdSense publishers. Google is working to modernize its advertising products by phasing out text-only ads, making all units responsive, and more.

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Google Ads Stories May 14, 2019

Over the past year, more and more users have spotted ads appearing in Google Discover. At Google Marketing Live today, the company officially announced two types of advertising from Google Ads that can appear in the article feed to the left of Android’s homescreen.

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Google Ads Stories May 1, 2019

With AdSense, publishers can designate a space on their site for Google to serve advertising that is relevant to the visitor’s interests. The popular service this evening is currently facing an outage where estimated earnings, page views, and other metrics are not updating.

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Google Ads Stories March 13, 2019

Before the teased GDC Keynote on Tuesday, Google is hosting a developer day on Monday focussed on existing Android games. Monetization is continually a big theme and ahead of that Google is announcing two new ad types for game developers.

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Google Ads Stories March 6, 2019

As online advertising has matured, programmatic buying has become an increasingly complex process. Google is planning to simplify the bidding process by transitioning to a unified first price auction.

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Google Ads Stories March 5, 2019

As evident by visual feeds like Instagram and Snapchat, images are increasingly used to advertise and directly sell products to users. Google Images is now adding a new shopping ad that lets brands overlay labels and price tags on sponsored picture results.

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Google Ads Stories February 20, 2019

With Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google set out to deliver a faster web experience on Android and iOS. Developing advertising that worked in a similar fashion was an important step to boost adoption, with Google now displaying AMPHTML ads on non-AMP pages.

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Google Ads Stories February 18, 2019

Over the weekend, Google presented a white paper at the Munich Security Conference detailing how it fights disinformation across its largest services. This includes efforts covering Google Search, News, and YouTube, as well as advertising platforms.

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Google Ads Stories January 7, 2019

Google Shopping adding product pages as Google Manufacturer Center gains more analytics

The Google Manufacturer Center allows merchants that use Google Ads to “improve their presence” on Search and Google Shopping. For 2019, the tool is adding a new Shopping section that allows third-parties to include full product pages in listings, as well as more analytics.

Google Ads Stories November 27, 2018

Google and Disney sign global strategic advertising relationship

Disney, and its various properties, are getting ready to enter the online streaming market in the coming years. With a number of properties — notably Star Wars, Marvel, and sports — and platforms already available today, the media juggernaut announced a strategic partnership with Google around advertising.

Google Ads Stories October 1, 2018

Google loses head of advertising & commerce, appoints G Suite boss as replacement

With Pixel, G Suite, and Cloud, Google over the past several years has sought to diversify its revenue streams. However, advertising still makes up a dominant chunk of profit, and today its head of Ads & Commerce left the company for a venture capital firm.

Last year, YouTube began displaying concert showtimes underneath music videos on the web and mobile. The Google video site is now expanding that ad extensions space to include movie showtimes, app installations, and more.

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Google Ads Stories July 26, 2018

Despite the company itself looking into developing its blockchain, Google’s ads department announced earlier this year that it would be banning all cryptocurrency-related ads in an effort to combat malicious actors in the space.

Now, many reports are surfacing suggesting Google has backtracked on this policy. Unfortunately for companies in the crypto space, however, they aren’t true.

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Google Ads Stories July 10, 2018

Google unveiled a big revamp for all its advertising products last month that simplified branding and introduced new features. Numerous services will be consolidated and better integrated with one another. Today, at Google Marketing Live, the company is better detailing these changes that leverage machine learning.

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Google Ads Stories June 26, 2018

Google this evening announced a big revamp to its suite of key profit-making advertising products. Launched 18 years ago, AdWords is being rebranded to Google Ads, while the new Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager are the result of several key product mergers.

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Google Ads Stories May 14, 2018

How to turn off Google’s personalized ads

To serve you relevant ads that might be more enjoyable than off-topic items, Google’s ad network tracks your internet usage. Thankfully, you can quickly turn this personalization feature off, just know that you will no longer see ads based on your interests.

Google Ads Stories May 4, 2018

Google enforces political ad transparency, working w/ Jigsaw to ‘Protect Your Elections’

Since the 2016 U.S. election, tech companies across the spectrum have faced criticism for how platforms were used by nefarious actors to possibly manipulate outcomes. Google today is announcing new advertising transparency policies after committing to them last year.

Google Ads Stories January 25, 2018

Given its role as a big player in online advertising, Google has long provided controls and transparency tools overs ads. Since 2009, these features have gone through several revamps and today are getting two new blocking features.

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