Disney Stories March 15

Chromecast with Google TV issues w/ Dolby Atmos on Disney+ have apparently been fixed

The Chromecast with Google TV has proven to be a hit among streamers thanks to wide-ranging support for streaming apps and standards, but Atmos has proven an issue for some. Since launch, Disney+ has had issues with Dolby Atmos on Chromecast with Google TV, but recent updates seem to have fixed the problem.

Disney Stories September 22, 2020

One handy feature of Google Assistant speakers is the ability to cast content from various subscriptions using a voice command. Now, Disney+ is adding support for Google Assistant casting.

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Disney Stories June 26, 2020

Disney+ debuted earlier this month and quickly garnered 10 million subscribers on launch day. The latest way to get the streaming service for free is buying a Chromebook this holiday season.

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Disney Stories November 26, 2019

Disney+ just launched earlier this month with tons of great content, but the platform has been missing a basic feature since launch day. Unlike Netflix, Hulu, and basically all of its competitors, Disney+ had no “Continue Watching” section. Now, that’s being added.

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Disney Stories November 21, 2019

Latest Nvidia Shield TV hotfix update fixes Disney+ and other issues

Since their launch, the new Nvidia Shield TV models have dealt with a couple of hiccups. Today, another hotfix update is available for the Shield TV that fixes Disney+ as well as other audio issues.

Disney Stories November 19, 2019

Vizio is bringing Disney+ support to its Chromecast built-in TVs in December

Since the launch of Disney+ last month, Vizio owners have been frustrated with the service not working on their TVs. Thankfully, an update coming in just a few weeks will fix Disney+ issues with Vizio TVs using Chromecast.

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