Nest powers a lot of aspects of the smart home system of millions of users. However, despite generally being fairly reliable, Nest is down for many users at the moment.

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As noted by Reddit users, DownDetector comments, and members of the 9to5Google team, it seems that Nest service is completely down at the moment. This includes services that control Nest cameras, thermostats, and more. It’s unclear how heavily this affects the functionality of these products, but the web outlet and mobile applications are inoperable at the moment.

It seems the outage may have already been hitting some users for nearly at hour at this point. On my own Nest Cam IQ, person alerts were working as of 9:45pm ET, but the app stopped working shortly after. Comments on DownDetector point to some instances of service halting around 9pm ET in multiple parts of the globe.

This comes not even two weeks after Nest service went down for users on November 15th for over an hour. So far there’s no clear reason for the outage, and the company’s Twitter account provides no other explanation. However, multiple tweets mention that Nest is looking into the outage. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update this article once service starts to return for users.

Update: Approximately two hours after the issues began, Nest services appear to be operational again. Comments on DownDetector and Reddit note that Nest devices are beginning to reconnect.

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