Google has been experimenting with adding some new functionality to the At A Glance widget on its Pixel smartphones. In the current beta, the company is testing out new Intelligent Tips and Reminders for the At A Glance widget on Pixel Launcher.

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As noted in our recent APK Insight of Google app 9.61, the At A Glance widget is adding the ability to show reminders. A toggle appears in the preferences menu for the widget, but at the moment, it’s not working. Setting reminders via the Google Assistant doesn’t trigger anything to show up on the widget. Presumably, it’ll look a lot like Calendar appointments.

Interestingly, Google is also adding a new “Intelligent Tips” section to the Pixel’s widget. Version 9.66 of the Google app enables this new feature, but we can’t seem to get it live on our end. So far, it looks like this isn’t functional either, but the brief description teases tips powered by the Google Assistant.

Presumably, this feature would allow the Assistant to display “intelligent tips” such as pulling data from contextual cards or based on your daily routine to recommend actions on the phone or searches. Regardless, it seems like it could be handy. Most likely, we’ll see these toggles actually working when Google v9.66 rolls out in stable.

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