Earlier this year, Google rolled out Work Insights for G Suite enterprise customers that help track adoption rates, collaboration statistics, and work patterns. A similar tool is now coming to Google for Education users with “transformation reports.”

The transformation report can “quantify an organization’s Google for Education implementation across our products and programs.”

Semester-based reports track usage trends over time and make it easy to understand how your organization is using G Suite, Chromebooks, and progressing through Certification and Transformation programs.

This report shows overall product usage of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, as well as Gmail, Calendar, and Classroom. It covers seven broad areas: vision, learning, culture, professional development, technology, funding & sustainability, and community engagement.

The current semester is compared to the previous one, with reports generated at the start of the Fall and Spring school seasons. Featuring bar graphs and charts, the transformation report is very visual and reads like an infographic.

Google Education transformation report

This tool is free to all K-12 districts and schools in the U.S. Admins can fill out a form and get back a transformation report with tailored recommendations and resources. The tool is expected to go live over the next several weeks.

The survey window will open at launch and admins will have several weeks to complete and share the transformation survey (less than 10 minutes) with others in their organization. Your custom transformation report will be generated when the survey window closes, displaying survey responses alongside product and program usage metrics. Note that a report can be generated with just an admin’s response, or with no responses. If there are no survey responses, the report will not be nearly as valuable.

Transformation reports are available for G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education.

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