With Android 10, Google’s parental tools for managing children’s devices were integrated right into the Settings app on every phone. Family Link is now adding app-specific time limits and the ability to grant bonus screen time.

These two Family Link features were first announced at I/O 2019 in May. App-specific time limits complement the existing screen locks that disable the entire device and turn off notification once reached. There’s also the ability to set a bedtime schedule to lock and unlock at scheduled times every day.

The latest cap allows parents to specify how long children can use a specific app every day. It’s not all too different from Digital Wellbeing. Family Link gains a new “Limits” tab that lists all applications used on a managed device. This view shows active limits and how long an app has already been used for that day. Google says app-specific time limits can teach kids how to budget usage.

Meanwhile, bonus time lets parents give additional screen usage after a limit or bedtime has been reached. On a child’s profile, there will be a new button that opens a panel to add time by five-minute increments, with Google noting “Bonus time starts right away.” The UI notes when the device will re-lock, and a “Lock now” button is available.

An update to Family Link is rolling out now with these two new features.

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