Family Link Stories March 16

With screen usage increasing in the past year due to distance learning and the need for alternative entertainment, Google is updating Family Link with more tools that tell parents “how kids use devices.”

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Family Link Stories October 28, 2019

We’re now just over three weeks away from the official launch of Stadia, Google’s game-streaming service that will allow playing games in up to 4K on a device as low-powered as even a Chromecast Ultra. In preparation for the launch, Google Family Link has updated its app to be ready to handle parents/guardians approving and purchasing Stadia games for their children.

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Family Link Stories September 18, 2019

Family Link gets app limits and ‘bonus time’ for kids

With Android 10, Google’s parental tools for managing children’s devices were integrated right into the Settings app on every phone. Family Link is now adding app-specific time limits and the ability to grant bonus screen time.

Family Link Stories July 17, 2019

Google has slowly been improving its Digital Wellbeing initiative by adding new features and rolling it out to non-Pixel devices. The latest improvement, seen in the beta version of the app, connects Digital Wellbeing to Family Link parental controls.

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Family Link Stories July 1, 2019

Chrome OS Settings adds Bluetooth battery levels, ‘Family Link’ parental controls

As Chrome OS continues to mature, it’s adding features and tweaks that make it a better platform for everyone. Now, Google is adding two new features to the Chrome OS settings menu with Bluetooth battery indicators and better parental controls.

Family Link Stories May 23, 2019

Family Link 1.38 preps parental controls for Google Stadia [APK Insight]

When Google first took the wraps off of Stadia during GDC, they promised that the service would have “best-in-class parental controls.” At the time, though, no further details were offered on how this would work. The latest update to Google’s Family Link app, which lets parents manage their children’s Google Accounts, gives us our first clues to how Stadia’s parental controls will work, and other potential Stadia insights.

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