Family Link Stories December 13, 2018

Before Digital Wellbeing this year, Google was already investing in time management tools for devices used by kids. After adding Chromebook support in September, Family Link is getting more Chrome OS features like screen time limits to lock Chromebooks and customize Android app access.

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Family Link Stories November 29, 2018

Recently, Google updated their Family Link program with Chromebook support, to help families supervise Chromebook usage. However, this initial Chrome OS version of Family Link did not allow child accounts to use the (initially Pixelbook exclusive) Google Assistant features. This will soon be changing according to a newly discovered code change.

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Family Link Stories September 18, 2018

Google makes it pretty easy to manage what your family does on Android thanks to its Family Link application. Now, that app is getting some upgrades with Chromebook support and a wider age range…

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Family Link Stories June 5, 2018

Even before the upcoming suite of Digital Wellbeing features announced at I/O 2018, Google has allowed parents to create and manage young children’s Google Accounts through Family Link. The family focused tools now support Project Fi to manage a child’s phone service.

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Family Link Stories May 7, 2018

The overwhelming theme of last year’s Google I/O keynote was machine learning. While Sundar Pichai and company will continue to tout AI advancements this year, the company is also focusing on “responsibility,” with Android adding new time management controls.

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Family Link Stories April 18, 2018

Earlier this year, Google killed off the Supervised User platform for Chrome and Chrome OS which allowed parents to monitor their kids’ computer usage. At the time, Google said it had a replacement in the pipeline but never expanded on what that was or when it would roll out. Now, without any formal announcement, it appears that Family Link accounts now work on Chromebooks.

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