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Android TV Stories July 24

YouTube Music arrives on Android TV’s YouTube app alongside wider HDR support

Android TV’s YouTube app is getting a couple of welcome updates. Thanks to a server-side change, YouTube Music has arrived on Android TV through the bigger YouTube app — Yep, it’s super weird.

Android TV Stories August 3

YouTube Music on Android TV gets ‘app’ for direct homescreen access

Last month, the full YouTube app on Android TV gained a dedicated “Music” section. Google is now offering a direct shortcut to that experience with a new YouTube Music “app.”

Android TV Stories August 5

‘Cast Connect’ makes Casting on Android TV more native with remote control support

Google is rumored to be working on a Nest-branded streaming dongle and a bigger redesign of Android TV. The OS today added cinematic teasers, but last week quietly announced a bigger “Cast Connect” feature that will improve the Casting experience. 

Android TV Stories August 10

Google Stadia adds 4K HDR support on Android TV

Google Stadia is quickly approaching a year on the market, and so far, it still hasn’t made its official debut on Google’s own Android TV platform. It’s making progress towards that, and as it inches forward, Google Stadia on Android TV has added 4K HDR support for games.

Android TV Stories August 5

Android TV is getting ‘cinematic’ content ads on its homescreen, ‘Subscribe & Install’ feature

Google’s Android TV platform has been growing at a rapid pace and, recently, has seen launches like HBO Max and Peacock which simply aren’t on competing platforms. Today, Google is announcing two new features to help you find new content on Android TV, although one of those “features” is a row of homescreen ads.

Android TV Stories July 23

[Update: Dongle] T-Mobile is working on a streaming device using Google’s Android TV

Google’s Android TV platform has been used time and time again by operators, and it seems another is about to join the fray. As evidenced by an FCC listing, T-Mobile is working on a new “T-Vision” device that appears to be running on Android TV.

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