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Android TV Stories March 19

This clever Android TV box has a built-in camera that works with Google Duo

Last year as the COVID-19 pandemic was pushing millions to work from home and quarantine (and, hopefully, they still are), Google took advantage of the flexibility of Android TV to bring Google Duo to the platform. Now, there’s a dedicated Android TV box with a built-in camera that designed to make Google Duo a breeze.

Android TV Stories March 29

Review: Verizon Stream TV offers fairly priced Android TV with a not-awful skin

Like the Android platform it’s based on, one of the wonderful things about Android TV is that it can suit a variety of different hardware and software needs. Using the “Operator Tier,” some companies can even heavily customize the platform. That’s what Verizon does with its $69 Stream TV box, and it’s actually a relatively solid product on the whole.

Android TV Stories February 25

Amazon Music officially arrives on Chromecast with Google TV, widely on Android TV

After picking up Apple TV earlier this month, Chromecast with Google TV is getting another new app. Amazon Music has just officially arrived on Google TV.

Android TV Stories February 26

Don’t get too excited about Android 12 for Google TV — there’s not much new

Every year, a new version of Android arrives, and with it, usually a bunch of new features and behind-the-scenes changes. This year, with the launch of the first Android 12 Developer Preview, we also saw the first time the release was accompanied by previews for Android TV and Google TV. That’s cause for excitement in […]

Android TV Stories February 25

These are the remotes you’ll see with Google TV devices this year [Gallery]

Google TV is set to see a huge expansion over the next year, with massive partners such as TCL and Sony already on board. With this expansion, we’ve already seen that Google has a new reference design for the remote being used with Google TV devices, and apparently that remote will be required for retail […]

Android TV Stories February 11

Chromecast Buyer’s Guide: Which is the right model for me? [Video]

If you are looking to improve your home media setup and want a streaming stick or dongle, then you’ll no doubt be aware of the Chromecast series of devices, but which is right for you? Let’s simplify with our easy-to-follow Chromecast Buyer’s Guide for 2021.

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