Nvidia Shield TV Overview Updated April 29, 2020

Nvidia Shield TV

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May 2016 - April 2020

NVIDIA announced a set-top box version of its popular Shield portable gaming system at the Game Developers Conference in 2015. This Shield runs on Android TV and has full access to the Play Store along with a new Shield Store. The device functions as a cross between a gaming console and a media center, not unlike the Apple TV.

The Shield is capable of outputting 4K video at 60Hz—a first for Android-based set-top boxes—and features a remote control that doubles as a Bluetooth listening device. Users can plug a pair of headphones into the remote to have audio from their content re-routed directly to their ears instead of their TV speakers or home theater system.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories April 29

Shield TV Pro isn’t discontinued, Nvidia confirms coronavirus-related production delay

The Nvidia Shield TV was finally refreshed late last year with two new models that delivered some excellent upgrades, but one has been hard to get lately. With initial speculation that it was discontinued, Nvidia has recently confirmed that the Shield TV Pro is simply delayed in production.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories April 22

The best Android TV set-top box for a while now has been Nvidia’s Shield TV. The box is typically great at displaying 4K HDR content, but lately, some users have been trouble with that. Specifically, Amazon Prime Video hasn’t been playing 4K on the Shield TV, but a fix is now rolling out.

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Nvidia Shield TV Stories February 27

Nvidia is pushing out an update to Shield TV that delivers bug fixes and support for the Xbox Elite Controller 2. Sound familiar? A similar update hit older Shield TV models last month, but now Shield Experience 8.1.1 is bringing those updates and a metric ton of bug fixes to 2019 models.

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Nvidia Shield TV Stories January 27

Nvidia’s Shield TV is the most popular option for Android TV and, overall, one of the best pieces of streaming hardware available. Now that the hugely-improved remote for the new Shield has gone up for sale, an update is rolling out to older Shield TV models with support for the new remote as well as the Xbox Elite 2 controller.

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Nvidia launched its new Shield TV devices earlier today and one of their best new features is the updated remote. In very good news, Nvidia is going to make that new remote available to older Shield TV models in the future.

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Nvidia Shield TV Stories November 21, 2019

Latest Nvidia Shield TV hotfix update fixes Disney+ and other issues

Since their launch, the new Nvidia Shield TV models have dealt with a couple of hiccups. Today, another hotfix update is available for the Shield TV that fixes Disney+ as well as other audio issues.

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