Nvidia Shield TV Overview Updated August 5, 2019

Nvidia Shield TV

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May 2016 - August 2019

NVIDIA announced a set-top box version of its popular Shield portable gaming system at the Game Developers Conference in 2015. This Shield runs on Android TV and has full access to the Play Store along with a new Shield Store. The device functions as a cross between a gaming console and a media center, not unlike the Apple TV.

The Shield is capable of outputting 4K video at 60Hz—a first for Android-based set-top boxes—and features a remote control that doubles as a Bluetooth listening device. Users can plug a pair of headphones into the remote to have audio from their content re-routed directly to their ears instead of their TV speakers or home theater system.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories August 5

In recent weeks, there have been rumblings of a new Nvidia Shield TV device coming to market. Today, more evidence has come out to suggest that Nvidia has not one but two new Shield TV models coming in the near future.

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As far as we — and many others — are concerned, the Nvidia Shield TV still remains the outright best Android TV set-top box you can buy. For long-time owners and prospective buyers, we have some good news. The Android Pie update is now available for both Nvidia Shield TV models and we think it makes them an even more appealing prospect.

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Nvidia Shield TV Stories July 31

Nvidia this morning announced Android 9 Pie for the Nvidia Shield TV. Rumored for the past week, the Android TV box is getting the latest version with Shield Experience Upgrade 8.0. Notable highlights include a redesigned Settings menu and many improvements for third-party apps.

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[Update: 2015 model too] Android Pie for Nvidia Shield TV teased by Developer Console

Google’s Android TV platform is often well behind the pack when it comes to software updates. Most of the ecosystem is still on Android Oreo, but its most popular set-top box, the Nvidia Shield TV, has been hinted to potentially get Android Pie sometime soon.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories July 26

In the Android TV world, the Nvidia Shield TV is still by far the best option available. However, the aging hardware is due for an upgrade. Today, an FCC listing for an updated Nvidia Shield TV has been revealed, hinting that a release could be around the corner.

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Nvidia Shield TV Stories June 16

Nvidia Shield TV w/ Android 9 Pie and revised chipset seems to be in the works

While Android TV as a platform is seeing tremendous growth, most of that isn’t thanks to consumer set-top boxes. The best Android TV box by far is that of the Nvidia Shield TV, and it seems that an update to that hardware is in the works.

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