Nvidia Shield TV Overview Updated September 10, 2018

Nvidia Shield TV

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May 2016 - September 2018

NVIDIA announced a set-top box version of its popular Shield portable gaming system at the Game Developers Conference in 2015. This Shield runs on Android TV and has full access to the Play Store along with a new Shield Store. The device functions as a cross between a gaming console and a media center, not unlike the Apple TV.

The Shield is capable of outputting 4K video at 60Hz—a first for Android-based set-top boxes—and features a remote control that doubles as a Bluetooth listening device. Users can plug a pair of headphones into the remote to have audio from their content re-routed directly to their ears instead of their TV speakers or home theater system.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories September 10

Android TV is slowly making a comeback, but the Nvidia Shield TV has long been its best device. Today, Nvidia is launching the 20th software update for the Shield TV with a ton of improvements in tow…

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Nvidia Shield TV Stories July 10

GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield TV will soon let you add your own titles, free in beta

One of the biggest perks of owning an Nvidia Shield TV since its debut has been gaming. With GeForce streaming, you can play high-quality PC titles on the streaming box. Now, Nvidia is bringing some big changes to GeForce Now on the Shield.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories July 2

Google Play Movies & TV adds HDR casting to Nvidia Shield, Sony Android TVs

After adding HDR casting support to the Chromecast Ultra about a year ago, Google is this week expanding the functionality to a few select devices, all powered by Android TV.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories June 27

After a slight delay, Nvidia is today officially pushing out Android Oreo to all Shield TV owners with Shield Experience 7.0.

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Nvidia Shield TV Stories June 11

Nvidia Shield TV resumes Android Oreo rollout to beta testers after halting last month

The Nvidia Shield TV’s Android Oreo rollout was long overdue when it was finally released earlier this year, but within just a few days Nvidia was forced to press pause due to some issues. Now, the company is resuming that rollout to select users.

Nvidia Shield TV Stories May 31

While Android Oreo in general has had a really slow rollout, Android TV has definitely been the furthest behind. Not long ago, Nvidia finally kicked off its Oreo rollout for the Shield TV, but now, that’s been put on pause due to some issues with the update…

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