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1More EVO earbuds

1More EVO earbuds get firmware update that adds EQ profiles and ANC memory [U: Out now]

The 1More EVO earbuds are a genuinely great pair of earbuds. They have a rich sound profile and push the boundaries of sound versus price. One of the major downfalls of the earbuds was not the earbuds themselves, but the function of the app and the lack thereof of EQ profiles. A new firmware update available for the 1More EVO earbuds is set to change that.

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Hands on: 1MORE’s ComfoBuds Pro are what Google’s ‘Pixel Buds A’ should aspire to be

I’ve tried a lot of truly wireless earbuds over the past couple of years, but in many cases I’ve found that comfort is basically ignored at the expense of sound quality. Comfort is what gives the latest TWEs from 1MORE their name, and true to form, the ComfoBuds Pro have quickly become a favorite for their fit above all else.

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