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August 23

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Moto X won’t include engraving through Moto Maker at launch


One of the over 2000 customization options offered through Motorola’s “Moto Maker” online ordering tool for its new flagship Moto X was the option to engrave the device. We noted last week that the beta for the online Moto Maker tool was censoring profanity and competitor’s brand names for engraving, but today the company has confirmed engraving won’t be an option for users at launch. PCWorld’s JR Raphael got word from Motorola:

This just in from Motorola: Custom engraving won’t be available on the Moto X at launch. During beta testing, the company determined the quality of the printing wasn’t meeting its standards and decided to pull the plug on it for now. Spokesperson tells me they hope to work out the kinks and start offering the option to consumers soon.

The Moto Maker online ordering tool allows a long list of color and customization options for Moto X customers. While the customization features are the big selling point for many users, most carriers are only offering black and white versions of the phone initially. AT&T will customers will have exclusive access to Moto Maker when it launches on the carrier on August 23. Other carriers are expected to get access later this year.

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AT&T confirms Moto X w/ Moto Maker customizations available on August 23


AT&T just made things official for its release of Motorola’s recently introduced Moto X flagship smartphone. Starting August 23rd, AT&T will make the device available in black and white through its stores, but also online using the Moto Maker customization tool that will allow users to apply over 2000 different customization and color options. As a reminder, AT&T is currently the only carrier that is offering the Moto Maker customizations, which for many people is the big selling point for the Moto X. Other carriers and retailers are expected to get access to Moto Maker sometime later this year, but as of yet we haven’t received confirmation on specific dates.

The 16 GB Moto X will be available or $199.99 and the 32 GB Moto X for $249.99 on the usual two year contract. AT&T also noted that it will be carrying the Motorola Skip accessory that we told you about earlier today and will also offer one for free to everyone who purchases the device through Moto Maker.



Leaked Verizon doc shows August 23 release date for Moto X


AndroidCentral is reporting that the image above has leaked from Verizon’s inventory system showing an August 23rd release date for the recently announced Moto X. Motorola never mentioned specific availability beyond “late August/early September”, but today’s leak lines up with a previously leaked roadmap for the carrier that also pegged the Moto X for an August 23rd street date. No word on availability for other carriers yet, but we know the $199, 4.7-inch device will be landing on the majority of major US carriers, as well as in Canada and Latin America, by early next month.