Chrome 87 Stories April 6, 2021

Unlike other first-party apps, Google’s browser has historically followed a strict, publicized six-week release cycle. After going without updates for the past four months, a new version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad is rolling out now.

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Chrome 87 Stories December 4, 2020

Following a big desktop update two weeks week, Chrome OS 87 started rolling out on Thursday after a brief delay. There are a handful of usability enhancements in this release, which will be available in the coming days.

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Chrome 87 Stories November 17, 2020

The last Chrome update of 2020 is starting to roll out and Google is touting a handful of performance improvements. Chrome 87 features tab throttling and better resource management, as well as a number of user-facing additions.

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Chrome 87 Stories September 17, 2020

Google is working on a new “Holding Space” for Chrome OS that will give you quick access to your most recent and most commonly used files and screenshots.

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Chrome 87 Stories September 9, 2020

When you first set up your Chromebook, you’ll have a sizable suite of apps installed by default. Soon, Google Stadia will be one of the apps installed by default on Chromebooks.

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Chrome 87 Stories August 19, 2020

This year, Google has been working on ways to bring Android and Chrome OS devices closer together, expanding their “Better Together” initiative. Chrome OS’s latest work-in-progress feature would allow you to sync WiFi passwords between your Android phone and your Chromebook.

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Chrome 87 Stories August 10, 2020

Chrome for Windows to gain handy Incognito Mode desktop shortcut

The Windows version of Google Chrome is preparing to add a desktop shortcut to open directly into an Incognito window, perfect for whatever you use Incognito Mode for.

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