Cydia Stories May 22, 2013


An iMessage sent to Glass

An iMessage notification sent to Glass

Adam Bell (@b3ll), a well-known developer for many software platforms, has figured out a way to route all notifications from an iOS device through Google Glass. The implementation, even in its early stage, seems to work quite well. Bell notes that all notifications, such as iMessages and Tweets automatically are shown via the Google Glass interface. Video and more details below:

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Cydia Stories May 10, 2011


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The Google I/O 2011 annual developer conference is running today and tomorrow at the San Francisco’s Moscone West. The morning keynote has just wrapped and our own Seth Weintraub was at the show.¬†Apart from walking away from the keynote with a free Samsung Galaxy tablet, he spotted Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik – the brains behind the Cydia unofficial app store.

Saurik, one of the prominent figures in the jailbreak community, says there isn’t going to be an Android Cydia but his presence at the Android-focused event is nevertheless interesting. “He says he works a lot with Google developers and app engine”, Seth wrote in an email. One may never actually need a Cydia store for Android due to Google’s proclaimed openness and the fact that the company does very little screening in its mobile app bazaar.

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